Asia Rainey


The way to NOT be a starving artist and begin to live in your potential:


"Do the things you love in alignment with everything else. Know when to charge for it and when it needs to be done out of love. Don't let other people pimp you. Put in the effort to manifest your creativity. If you're an artist, be willing to take a risk and give maximum energy to the work you want to produce and the vision you have. Make it HAPPEN...the only person that can see your dreams is you."


- Asia Rainey

WordPlay New Orleans - Executive Director

  WordPlay New Orleans is an organization dedicated to the amplification of spoken word as a tool for self expression, social awareness, and creative perspective. WPNO facilitates workshops, teacher professional development, and special performances for schools, organizations, venues and more. For information, email

Nine Pages Media - CEO

Nine Pages Media was organically formed in 2007 to support writers who sought to self-publish their work with quality comparable to major book companies. Nine Pages Media has amassed experience in vital aspects of shaping content, designing manuscript presentation, and navigating post-production tasks. For more information about our services, visit