Asia Rainey

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...I let the darkness wash over

Every part of me that thought

Perfect was the goal

I let go of the dogma that told me

There was only one path to take

I found the light

Already there, waiting to break through

And then I reached for my blues

Those soul colored hues that seemed

Way too naked for paintings and poems...


- An Excerpt from the Poem

Black Blum

About Black Blum:


"This painting was the beginning: trusting my own artistic process, being ok with making mistakes, and becoming comfortable with not knowing what will happen next and embracing that. The process of creating this painting began to inform my started years of re-examing my work and my voice. I began to learn why the act of being creative keeps me up at night. It is not my job. It is exactly who I am, and it refuses to stay in the dark."